Why Do We Need Sponsorship?

The difficulties of balancing the books of opera companies are well recognized. Quite simply the cost of putting on an opera with an orchestra, sets, costumes, principals, production team all with significant rehearsing make it virtually impossible to break even unless we only mount the most popular of operas. However, as mentioned elsewhere, one of our objectives is to be somewhat more adventurous in the operas we mount but the consequence of this is lower box office receipts and that means deficits unless we obtain additional support. In the last ten years we have been fortunate to have one consistent donor and in addition there was an unexpected legacy - but we do need more.

Kentish Opera fulfils an important role in the operatic life of this country by providing a vital opportunity for young professional singers to gain experience in performing major operatic roles. The production team has the collective experience and expertise to ensure that every production is of extremely high quality.

Thus Kentish Opera is responsible for bringing consistently good productions to the South East, while at the same time helping many young singers to establish themselves with major professional companies. Local businesses have the opportunity to associate themselves with the success of these productions by means of sponsorship which, with imagination, can take many forms. Sponsorship has the benefits of considerable advertising in the short term and enhancement of the sponsor's image over a much longer period, at the same time contributing to the quality of the productions.

The cost of mounting our production of Nabucco was around £60,000, and in spite of tight budgeting this cannot be covered by income from ticket sales alone, which have to be kept at reasonable levels. We would be extremely reluctant to lower the high standard of opera presentation which we have achieved, and therefore have urgent need of sponsorship. Your interest and support would be greatly appreciated.