Faust - November 2015

Faust - Kentish Opera - Stag Theatre - 7th November

A tale of temptation and devotion, lust and sacrifice was played out well in the concert version of Gounod's 'Faust' by Kentish opera on Saturday night. A superb evenings entertainment with a large orchestra and chorus under direction of Robyn Sevastos, costumes by Carol Stevenson and lighting by Colin Martin. I had never heard this Opera in full, but I am now a fan, mainly due to this production. Principals were all exceptional in their roles as were the chorus. This piece as a concert worked, I thought the simple side staging worked well, as one was focused on the singers and not the full stage, which I think sometimes you loose impact of the opera.

Thank you Kentish Opera for my first Faust.

Gordon Harris
NODA SE District 5