Cavalleria Rusticana & Pagliacci - April 2018


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These two operas may be short, but they have a powerful impact, full of passion, dark emotions, jealousy, obsession and fear, but brilliant music! Mascagni and Leoncavallo couldn't have known that their two short operas would quickly come to have a common and near constant destiny as a double-bill. So different, but these two operas have so much in common.

They are well known for their 'Verismo' which translated means 'Greater Realism'. Cavalleria Rusticana (Mascagni) and Pagliacci (Leoncavallo) were last performed by Kentish Opera 17 years ago and we are delighted to bring you these two new and exciting productions.

Cavalleria Rusticana translates literally as "rustic chivalry" and its single act contains intense drama, surrounded by much-loved musical gems, the Easter Hymn and the gorgeous Intermezzo. Pagliacci - "Clowns" - tells the story of a troupe of travelling actors. As they perform a play for the local village, the underlying emotions and passions of theatre turn into the world of reality and eventually to tragedy. As part of the action, Canio, as he dresses for the performance, he rails against a life in which he must play the part of a clown while his heart is breaking (Vesti la giubba). (Click on the above links to sample the music).

We welcome back Terry John Bates as director. Robyn Sevastos is conducting the soloists, chorus and orchestra. It is fully staged and sung in English. Not to be missed!


The Creative Team


Terry John Bates
 Musical Director

Robyn Sevastos
 Set Designer

Enid Strutt
 Costume Designer

Carol Stevenson

The Cast

 Cavalleria Rusticana 


Helen Bailey

Roger Paterson


Matthew Sprange

 Mamma Lucia


Katy Bingham-Best

Rebecca Foster


Rebecca Hooper



Katherine Blumenthal

Matthew Sprange

Roberto Abate

Alistair Sutherland

Stuart McDermott


Cav and Pag Kentish Opera Stag Theatre Sevenoaks 27 April 2018

Cavalleria Rusticana 

I always know, when driving to see Kentish Opera I'm going to have a splendid evening at the Opera. Kentish Opera you didn't disappoint me.

Cav and Pag are two operas I haven't seen before, and I was totally immersed and engaged from when the curtain went up until it was lowered. As always, a strong solid set design by Enid Strutt. She always gets it spot on, as does Carol Stevenson for her exceptional costume design, all in period from top to bottom. Cav is a dark piece of Opera with love and murder being its theme.
Robyn Sevastos always gathers the best musicians for her orchestra and it gives us a wonderful and glorious sound. Robyn tells me her chorus of 46 singers are brilliant and it shows; perfectly controlled voices.

Director Terry John Bates once again directed his large cast with such professionalism. I have said it before I know, but this team together never fail to give their audience's a stupendous evening of entertainment.

Kentish Opera soloists never fail, and I cannot fault any of them, each performing their roles with professionalism. It was nice to see a few new faces this visit.

Props, lighting, and stage management were in the very capable hands of Ann Breame, Sarah-Jane Durman, Sam Gilham and Sally Langford.


Pagliacci is a bit more fun than Cavalleria Rusticana but as it is the same production team I'm going to echo my words for their splendid work as in Cav.

I can't heap enough praise on Kentish Opera for their splendid production of CAV and PAG. Thank you for a perfect night at the Opera.

Gordon Harris
District 5

Production Photographs
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Cavalleria Rusticana 



























Photos taken by Andrew Waltham (Kentish Opera)

A link to many more photos of the production taken by both Andrew Waltham and the Sevenoaks Camera Club