Carmen - May 2019

The Life and Loves of a Gipsy Girl and her Destiny


In Bizet’s opera of raw emotion and high passion, Carmen, unlike the usual heroine, is the villain of the piece.

Our plot is drawn from ideas of Carmen based on the original story by Prosper Merimee, concentrating on the life of the gypsies and their interaction with the local community and the under watchful eye of the soldiers. Gipsies/migrants were a threat to the local communities, always travelled and remained in their own communities in the towns and villages they inhabited for short periods of time.

Carmen, the gipsy girl. She flaunts her sexuality, boasts of her infidelity, smokes, seduces, corrupts, smuggles and eventually drives the besotted Don José into a jealous fatal frenzy. One of the best loved operas of all time, Carmen, like its heroine, is totally seductive. Listen to the Toreador’s Song, The Habanera and The Flower Song and succumb to its magic....

Kentish Opera’s fully staged production will be sung in English with orchestra and features young soloists from major Opera Houses, with the Kentish Opera Chorus of over 60 singers. This stunning new production is in the hands of the acclaimed Kentish Opera production team comprising Terry John Bates (director), Robyn Sevastos (conductor), Enid Strutt (set designer) and Carol Stevenson (costume designer).

The Cast Includes:


Felicity Buckland



Indyana Schneider

 Don Jose


Jonathan Cooke



Lawrence Thackeray



Katherine lumenthal



Hakan Vramsmo



Hannah Crerar



Rebecca Hooper